The complete Keno strategy guide

Keno is a simple game that has with us for thousands of years already. But most of us have no idea of what this game is. Keno is a game that is very similar to bingo and the lottery because it is a numbers game.

For people who want to learn the rules of keno they can do so by simply playing the game. The rules are so simple that one can learn it by playing keno. One will not lose money when learning the rules of keno while playing because the game does not rely much on strategy but on luck.

Having said that the game does not rely much on strategy does not mean you should have no strategy at all. Just like any other game of luck there are strategies that can be employed to improve one’s chances to win in a Keno game.

The best strategy to employ when playing keno is proper money management. You should learn how to distribute your money properly because it can mean more bets and better chances. For example if you have $5, you can either bet on a multiple base pay rate or buy 5 keno cards that each have differently picked numbers.

Employing this kind of strategy will also not burden you with huge debts if you lose. This is because the price of a keno ticket is fairly low priced. There are even tickets priced lower than 70 cents.

However just like in the lottery there are no exact numbers that you can pick to make you win. But there are tips to improve your odds of winning. A keno game lets you pick any minimum or maximum numbers you’d like to choose unlike in lotto where the player has to pick only 6 numbers. In keno players can decide how many numbers they’d wish to play. Depending on a casino, they can let you pick 15, 20, 32 or 40 numbers.

The best strategy is to pick 8 numbers. Because picking 8 numbers will help improve your odds to 230,115 to 1. It does not help to pick more numbers than 8. For example if you pick 9 numbers, the odds for you to win become 1.38 million to 1.

These are the most reasonable tips and strategies that we can suggest when playing Keno. This is because the game is very reliant on luck and chances. If there were a sure fire strategy to win Keno games out there, more and more people would probably be rich now from playing keno.

If it does help, maybe wearing one’s lucky shoes or underwear may bring some luck.

Good Luck and Have Fun!