Keno History

Keno is a game that seems to intrigue many casino players. For those who haven’t tried this game, it is interesting and has a simple concept. Actually, keno is the game from which the lottery evolved.

Many have been intrigued and intimidated by the game, but that hasn’t stopped keno from developing a loyal fan following. It is said that the game came from and was developed during the beginnings of the Great Wall of China, but the game existed for almost three thousand years; an astonishing accomplishment indeed.

The concept of the game is simple; a player should pick four to ten numbers from the given selection of ninety numbers. It used to be a hundred and twenty during the time keno was first played in China. When the game traveled and moved to the United States, the game was revised and the numbers were reduced to ninety. The game is quite profitable because a $1.00 wager can win a prize of up to $50,000. Keno immediately developed a following and its popularity spread like wild fire due to the cheap wagers and the huge prize attached to them.

There is also an online version of Keno were many gambling fanatics have been playing and enjoying their games for quite a while. Another variation is video keno which is also quite popular due to its live and direct results. The game of keno is widely played in almost all of the casinos in the United States. However in China, where keno originated, keno is not played as a gambling game because gambling is banned there.

Talking about the odds of winning, keno has very low odds. Though many strategies have been formulated to increase one’s chances, there are no guarantees in doing such.

Keno and lottery are somewhat the same in principle but there are slight differences between the two which makes them individually unique. Both games have a large following and they’re both played many times with almost the same strategies.

There are players who just couldn’t get enough of keno that they use different number combinations such as birth dates, age, plate numbers, anniversary dates and all others in order to win. However, the truth of the matter is, keno and lotto are both games of luck and opportunity. The possible combinations are endless and it is hard to tell which combination will come up. The concept of the game is to bet on the ten numbers and wish for the best and hope luck strikes this time.

The existence of keno is a testament that this game is here to stay and to give chances to the very few who will be struck by luck.