How to Better Understand the Basic Technique

A single thing is for sure that most house establishment are ignorant about the advisable technique for the game, and neither participants who had the chance to read the most recommended books regarding the issue. A lot of Hoyle's reference books urged players that they must stand if they have total card hand of fifteen or sixteen, regardless what the upcard of the dealer is, to divide 10 and never divide the 9's and players should on the soft seventeen. The good players of the time, meaning those players who had read one of these references on gaming by one of the leading authorities, usually made the different plays that we are familiar with to be very expensive.

A lot of people do not understand the structure of the basic technique. For example, when your card hand has a total of fourteen and the casino dealer has an upcard of ten, the blackjack technique says that you have to hit and that is the correct mathematical way to play the game. Most of the time, you will hit that card hand of fourteen and get an eight, nine or ten and then just bust.

The dealer will then flip over their hole card, a six, and then you will immediately realize that if you have choose to stand on your fourteen card, the casino dealer would have to hit if the dealer has a sixteen and the dealer would have busted with that ten card. So by following the "mathematically optimal play", you lost a card hand that you would have probably won if you had deviated from the basic technique. Some players will sat that there is not a basic technique that is always optimal and that blackjack can just be considered as a game of luck.

To fully understand the basic technique, you have to fix your mindset like a professional player and that means you have to understand the odds in blackjack. For example, you have a jar that contains 150 marbles. About 50 marbles are white and the rest are blackjack. You must then blindfold your eyes before getting a single marble. But before that, you must put down a single dollar wager on whether the marble that you will get will be white or black.

If you correctly guess what the color of the marble that you have drawn out, you will win a dollar, if not, you will lose one dollar. Is this considered to be a guessing game? Yes. How could you know which color of the marble that you are going to get in advance? Winning or Losing in the game will generally depend on your luck. But what if 90 of the marbles are black and only ten marbles are white? Would you wager on pulling a black or white marble before you get one? Any sane person would wager on the black. But it is also possible to get a white marble but it will be less likely that you will ever get one.

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