Gambling is Blind, and Gamblers Can't See

Bingo is a gambling game enjoyed by millions of people from different countries around the world. It is fun and easy to learn, and for this reason, many are hooked up to this form of gambling.

A lot of casinos offer bingo as one of their gambling games. Casino owners do not see why blind or visually impaired people should miss on all the fun. That is why they have come up with an ingenious plan to include them as well. They have made use of the device known as TED, or the Electronic Dauber.

The Electronic Dauber is a small electronic device that helps the visually impaired or the blind to be a part of this gambling experience. It is easier for them to mark their bingo cards using the Electronic Dauber.

TED is a compact device that uses the Braille system to enable the visually challenged clients in this gambling game. The Braille system is a system used by the blind r those who cannot see or read easli6. In 6the Braille System, there are bumps or embossed dots that can be felt by the blind. These dots represent letters or words which can be read through the use of one's fingers.

This new innovation has made it possible for blind gamblers not only to enjoy gambling through Bingo but also win in the game. This device is effective for keeping track of the numbers on the card.

Some casinos or gambling houses have already begun offering this service to their clients. As they enter the casinos, blind gambling clients are handed special cards and the Electronic Dauber if they wish to play Bingo.

Truly, the gambling industry has widened its horizons and opened its doors to the visually impaired gambling fans out there. Now, instead of gambling being a fund raising activity for the handicapped, the handicapped themselves get to participate in this type of gambling game.

Hopefully in the future, not only in Bingo will the visually impaired get to be welcome. With the advancements in technology, it is not a far cry that other gambling games will be handicapped-friendly. After all, the more players there are, the merrier.

It will not only be good for the handicap people only, but also to the gambling industry. More clients mean a bigger market which of course means a higher profit. The key to their success is to be popular to people, all sorts of people.

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