The Characters

there are many different characters in gambling. Here is a look at a list of some:

Alone player - A gambler who plays by himself and is not associated with any house or syndicate.

Banker - The dealer or anyone who sells chips at a casino. Also, any participant in a game who handles the money.

Base dealer - A card cheat who specializes in dealing off the bottom of the deck.

Bindle-stiff - A rube. An inexperienced gambler.

Boxman - In craps, the employee of the casino who oversees the game.

Bug - An inveterate gambler or one who is bitten by the gambling bug.

Card mechanic - A cheater, one skilled in manipulating the cards.

Chalk bettor - A horse bettor who always bets on the favorite.

Check copper - Someone who steals chips from the gambling table when the croupier is not looking.

Cool-off man - The member of a crooked gambling ring or confidence mob whose job it is to hang around afterward and calm down the mark, hopefully ensuring that he won't go to the police.

Counter - In blackjack, someone who keeps tabs on each card in play, usually as part of an overall system.

Cowboy - A high, wild bettor. An unpredictable player who throws his money around and makes extravagant bets.

Croupier - An employee of the casino who runs the games, pays and collects on bets, and occasionally deals.

Dead-head - Someone who is not gambling, usually because he has lost all his money.

Dice detective - An employee of the casino whose job it is to pick up the dice that have fallen to the floor.

Dice mechanic - A cheater, one skilled in the use of dice.

Dizzy-izzy - A systems player.

Easy pigeon - A sucker.

Eldest hand - The player to the left of the dealer.

Fader - A dice player who covers the present shooter's bets.

Fast company - Knowledgeable gamblers who are hip to playing strategy and the more common cheating techniques.

Floorman - The supervisor of a casino.

Grifter - A confidence man.

Heel - A small-time gambler.

High roller - A gambler who risks large sums of money.

Itemer - A cheater's confederate, one who signals his partner information on the other players' hands.

Jonah - A superstitious player. Anyone believed to bring bad luck to a player

Kibitzer - Someone who offers constant advice but never plays the game himself.

Lop ear - A sucker.

Mason - Someone who refuses to gamble.

Mechanic - See Card and Dice mechanic.

Nutman - Someone who finances a game or a casino.

Outside man - An employee of the casino who works on the street, persuading passers-by to patronize his particular establishment.

Peanuts - A tight-money gambler.

Pit boss - An employee of the casino whose job it is to oversee all the action on the floor, to make sure no one cheats or is cheated, and generally to supervise all play.

Plunger - A gambler, one who "plunges" into the game without heed of the consequences.

Posing Dick - A gambler with a flashy, extravagant style.

Praying John - A superstitious gambler who believes that oaths, incantations, etc., will influence the dice.

Punter - A gambler.

Rabbit - A timid card player who is easily bluffed or talked down.

Rock - A tight-fisted gambler, one who will never make a silly bet.

Roper - A cheater.

Runner - An agent in the numbers game.

Shill - An employee of the casino planted conspicuously around the gambling house to entice others to gamble. In a crooked house the shill will be allowed to win, thus inspiring onlookers to try their luck.

Shooter - The person rolling the dice.

Shortstop - A conservative gambler, one who makes only small bets.

Steerer - Same as Outside man, someone who hustles business for the casino.

Stiff - An unlucky gambler or an unlucky number. Also, in blackjack, any hand with a hard count of 12 to 16.

Tin - A policeman or house detective.

Welsher - Someone who refuses or is unable to pay off a bet.

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